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Osmo Education is designed to provide learning tools that have school-friendly, washable and durable PLASTIC pieces as well as support lesson plans in all core subject areas for teachers and administrators to keep their students connected.

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The Osmo Advantage

100% Plastic

100% Plastic Pieces

Only Osmo for Schools Learning Systems come with plastic pieces that are durable, dishwasher-safe and easy-to-sanitize with EPA-registered disinfectant spray. Plastic pieces are 100% exclusive to!

Tailored Supoort Badge

A Tailored Support System

Get first-hand insights, training and support on successfully implementing Osmo Learning Systems into your classroom from educators who’ve done it. Plus, gain access to professional development opportunities tailored to the specific needs of your school or district.

Inclusive Lesson Plan Badge

Inclusive Lesson Plans

Each Osmo Learning System comes with fun printables and over 350+ lesson plans to help you create an interactive learning experience for all students — no matter their learning style.

Key Features

Make Learning Hands-On

When your students are engaged, they retain more. Osmo Learning Systems enhance all subjects by providing handson activities that minimize swiping and create a collaborative, engaging learning experience.

Stay Connected to Virtual Learners

Perfect for remote teaching, the Osmo iPad Base and Projector App allow you to share project notes, math problems and more via Apple AirPlay, Zoom, Skype or other virtual conferencing apps.

Power Early STEAM Skills

Designed for students with learning levels ranging from PreK to 5th grade, Osmo Learning Systems can help you build on the foundations of coding, develop mathematic skills, foster critical thinking and nurture interest in the visual and fine arts.

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Learning System Bundles

All-in-one bundles designed specifically to cater to the various educational needs of your classroom, school or district


Editions for one

Single Edition bundle designed to kickstart the Osmo learning experience for your studen


Add ons

Additional learning tools to further your students' Osmo experience


Digital Expansion

Digital learning app bundles based on the hardware you already have



Osmo bases, storage solutions and protective hardware for your classroom, school or district


Osmo is the leading Ed-tech innovation in the US

See what educators are saying

Wonderful! Students in the library are excited to learn using Osmo. The students look forward to Osmo's time in the library.

Savoca Wendy

Love it! EVERY student finds something they love about the activities. The only issue is they don't want to stop!

Mechele Thompson, Librarian

OSMO and OSMO learning tools have become an important component in every part of my curriculum for all students in K-5th grades.

Christy Snell, Tech. Coordinator

I have used Osmo to provide hands on learning experiences to students who have been identified with wide range of learning disabilities at my Elementary School.

Aiste Solly, Special Educator


Kids learn more when lessons are hands-on. That’s why teachers in more than 3,000 schools and districts across 13 countries use Osmo for learning.

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Osmo Ambassadors are passionate about the benefits that Osmo brings to schools and go over and beyond to share their experiences with Osmo and provide feedback for future products. We provide our ambassadors with support, experiences, and rewards that take their Osmo engagement to the next level.
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