Osmo is changing the way students collaborate, communicate, and create.

The Osmo for Schools Difference

Osmo for Schools learning systems have many benefits for the classroom!

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  • Cost effective product bundles for schools, classrooms, STEAM, early childhood and more!
  • Durable, washable plastic pieces.
  • Teachers Guide with over 100+ lesson plans.
  • Dedicated education consultants.
  • Professional development.
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I am always looking for ways to add more Osmo's to our schools - principals have ordered more for their buildings based on what I have done with them. I think these kits are one of the best things around to enhance 21st Century Learning. I can't wait for more!
Anonymous Osmo Avatar
  • Jared Schultz
  • K-4 Instructional Technology Teacher
  • Norwin School District
Osmo is nothing short of amazing... I am in awe of an iPad accessory that makes the space in front of the iPad interactive. The use of manipulatives enhances the educational experiences.
Matthew Muray
  • Matthew Murray
  • Technology Integration Specialist
  • Philadephlia School
I have found Osmo to be a wonderful way for teachers to differentiate in their classrooms. Teachers are in enamored with the way that Osmo can reach all of their learners and can be used as a wonderful tool for a station. I enjoy sharing Osmo with teachers because it is priced well and they love it!
Anonymous Osmo Avatar
  • Megan Gerdts
  • Educational Technology Teacher
  • Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Osmo Learning System

Osmo revolutionizes technology use in the classroom, enhancing all subjects by combining hands-on activities with engaging applications. With Osmo, students engage longer and build a better collaborative learning environment.

Osmo Projector

Osmo Projector allows you to broadcast your physical note taking live and share with anyone via Apple AirPlay, Zoom, Skype and other conferencing apps. Perfect for remote teaching/distance teaching!

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Diagram of 7 Learning Styles

Osmo Addresses Multiple
Learning Styles

Osmo’s reflective, artificial intelligence bridges the real and digital world, bringing lesson plans to life and creating an interactive learning experience for all students throughout every Tier of Instruction, 1-3. The Osmo Learning System is ideal for classrooms where instruction meets interactive learning during independent, small group or centers.

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Genius Edition

  • iPad
  • Fire

STEAM Edition

  • iPad
  • Fire

School Edition

  • iPad
  • Fire

For Grades PreK-5

Starting the school with a classroom edition will give you all the necessary technology to explore the Osmo Learning System. Osmo's reflective, artificial intelligence bridges the real and digital realms, bringing lesson plans to life and creating an interactive experience for students. The Osmo Learning System is ideal for any classroom deploying independent learning, small-group instruction, and centers.

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My ongoing relationship with Osmo has allowed me to provide insights for school products. Osmo supports me at conferences where I love sharing Osmo with other teachers, admins, and parents.
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  • Dave Blanchard
  • Osmo Ambassador

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