The nucleus of the Osmo Learning System is built of incredible educators who have architected the foundation for integrating Osmo into their schools and classrooms. The partnership with the education community is an amazing integration of screen, hands-on and imagination time to support students’ growth in all core subject areas as well as art, music, STEM, Special Education and all other supplemental areas.

Osmo Projector

Osmo Projector allows you to broadcast your physical note taking live and share with anyone via Apple AirPlay, Zoom, Skype and other conferencing apps. Perfect for remote teaching/distance teaching!

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Diagram of 7 Learning Styles

Osmo Addresses Multiple
Learning Styles

Osmo’s reflective, artificial intelligence bridges the real and digital world, bringing lesson plans to life and creating an interactive learning experience for all students throughout every Tier of Instruction, 1-3. The Osmo Learning System is ideal for classrooms where instruction meets interactive learning during independent, small group or centers.

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The Four C’s of the 21st Century

Hands Shaking


Bring students together naturally. Osmo’s open gameplay encourages interaction and collaboration, allowing for the development of social-emotional skills. Students learn by engaging, and with Osmo, teachers are able to promote open-ended interaction and learning through discovery.

Chat Bubbles


Open lines of communication with Osmo. As students work together to overcome the different challenges in each app, they also learn cooperation, gain social and emotional understanding of their peers, recognize the strengths of others in the group, and foster leadership skills.

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Osmo provides a platform for free form expression. By incorporating real world items into gameplay, students are not limited by the apps’ programming. Unlimited solutions encourage students to think outside the box and find answers as unique as the students themselves.

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Critical Thinking

The different Osmo apps tap into a student’s curiosity and creativity to encourage hands-on problem solving and social skill development. Working alone or in groups, our apps provide the right amount of challenge, pushing the students to continue developing their skill sets and challenge themselves. It’s learning through play!

Osmo is nothing short of amazing... I am in awe of an iPad accessory that makes the space in front of the iPad interactive. The use of manipulatives enhances the educational experiences.
  • Matthew Murray
  • Technology Integration Specialist
  • Philadephlia School
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I have found Osmo to be a wonderful way for teachers to differentiate in their classrooms. Teachers are in enamored with the way that Osmo can reach all of their learners and can be used as a wonderful tool for a station. I enjoy sharing Osmo with teachers because it is priced well and they love it!
  • Megan Gerdts
  • Educational Technology Teacher
  • Mt. Diablo Unified School District
Osmonauts Books and Beaker Illustration
We began our Osmo implementation just this past fall and we quickly knew that we wanted (and needed!) more Osmo sets in our building! I approached our superintendent and was able to secure the funding. They have been an amazing addition to our iPad program in the elementary classrooms!
  • Kristen Mulder
  • Technology Integration Director
  • Sioux Falls Christian Schools
Osmonauts Books and Beaker Illustration

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