About Our Class





Whole Class. Students are split into two groups with least 6 students per iPad.


Osmo base + Words for Osmo app + at least 2 iPads


To help students get to know each other and become acquainted with a new classroom or school. Students practice spelling / sounding out words they hear, collaboratively.


Project the game using Apple TV and have students play as one group, alternating turns for letters.

For younger students, teachers create the album.


Students get acquainted with the new school year by learning about their classmates and school environment using Words game for Osmo.

Part 1

  1. Divide students in two groups, one iPad for each group.
  2. Each group starts off by taking photos of each other with the iPads (with the teacher’s help).
  3. Students login to my.playosmo.com/words for creating a new album. Click ‘Create your own.’ Then, upload the self photos to Words game and input the spelling of their names.
  4. Extra Bonus: Students can upload a photo of their favorite animal or a place they’ve visited. This process gets students talking and learning the preferences of each other.

Part 2

  1. Set up multiple stations and form groups of students. In each Words app, click on “Download to iPad” to start playing your own album.
  2. Students then work together to figure out and spell the keyword.