Masterpiece 1024r

How Do I Write My Name?





Individual station. For this activity, we recommend adult supervision


Osmo base + Masterpiece app + iPad 2 or higher + Writing Utensil(s) Nametag cutouts on construction paper Each student's name printed largely on a separate sheet of paper


Students will learn to write their names and create their very own nametag.

CCSS.L.K.1.A, CCSS.L.1.1.A, CCSS.L.1.2.A


Students can also trace individual letters of their names by using the print uppercase and lowercase letter templates in the Misc. gallery of Masterpiece.


Have a group discussion about names and how important it is to have names on things and be able to read each other’s names.

  1. Separate students into groups of 2-3 with a set of supplies at each station.
  2. Give each station a mini-demo about taking a photo with Masterpiece and then pressing the green button to start drawing.
  3. Then, have each student take a photo of their names with Masterpiece. Instruct the class to then place the iPad back onto the Osmo base and start tracing!
  4. You can have students first pratice for 5-10 minutes on regular paper. Once they are ready, they can write their name onto the actual nametag cutout with markers or crayons.
  5. When they are done, tell them to click the tiny check button in the lower right of the screen and then the green button. Watch their reaction as they watch a timelape video of themselves writing their name!
  6. You can then send each child’s video to yourself or their parents by clicking ‘Share’ or just save it to the iPad camera roll.