Grade: 1 - 5

Coding Family

Combine tangible blocks with three interactive learning activities, Osmo makes learning to code fun and accessible for students!
  • Add a Osmo Base(Optional)

    Your need an Osmo base to start learning with Coding Family.  Add an Osmo base if you do not already have one

$79.00 USD

Build coding skills block by block. Teach coding at an age-appropriate pace. Start the adventure in Coding Awbie, create music with Coding Jam, and then show off your advanced skills in Coding Duo! Early learners can begin with games focused on problem-solving and progress to concepts like sequencing and looping.

Student Learning
What's included?

Computational Thinking

Teaches programming through exploring the functions of decomposed parts, detecting patterns, and crafting algorithms.

Logical Reasoning

Integrates the “loop” block that reflects multiplicative thinking and the “if this, then…” block that highlights cause-and-effect.

31 Tangible Coding Block Set

1 Stackable storage

Osmo Base not included.

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digital Expansion Bundle

No additonal Hardware required!

Level up student's math and literacy skills over 6 digital expansion games. Designed to be compatible with the Words & Numbers Tiles!

Osmo Base + Case

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New Osmo Base + Case

A case and base designed to withstand classroom wear and tear.

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