Grade: 1 - 5

Genius Kit for One

A great way to get to know what Osmo’s potential is in the classroom. One set of 5 learning tools, each addressing a core area of curriculum and a single Osmo Base.
1 Osmo Base
5 Learning Tools
1 Teacher guide
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Learning tools

1 set of plastic Tangram, Words and Numbers. 1 Osmo Base, and 1 Teacher's Guide.


Words provides on-screen clues to mystery words. Students use letter tiles to spell their answers. Designed to feel like a challenging game, Words is a powerful tool to differentiate instruction.

Student Learning
What's included?


Develops the foundational skills surrounding letter recognition and decoding. As they gain proficiency and confidence, students are required to spell progressively challenging words.


Connects images to words and supports the creation of customizable albums of words and images.

26 blue letter tiles
26 red letter tiles
Stackable Storage


Tangram invites students to use tangible puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes. With each success, the screen lights up in celebration.

Student Learning
What's included?

Spatial Reasoning

Encourages students to compare, manipulate, and transform geometric pieces to assemble the shapes.


Provides instant visual and auditory feedback during gameplay.

7 colorful tangram pieces


Numbers helps students dive into math. Moving number tiles in this undersea world makes math fast and intuitive.

Student Learning
What's included?

Number Sense

Fosters understanding of counting, relative values, addition, concatenation, and multiplication using physical tiles of dots and digits.

Cognitive Flexibility

Encourages experimenting with multiple solutions to mathematical problems through open-ended play.

10 of the “1” dot tiles
6 of the “2” dot tiles
4 of the “5” dot tiles
2 of the following tiles : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0


Masterpiece transforms any image into simple outlines. This interactive tool helps students create drawings with perfect proportions.

Student Learning
What's included?

Hand-Eye Coordination

Students improve their dexterity while recreating their favorite images.


Develops individuality through choices in art creations.

1 Creative Board
Dry-erase Markers
1 Fuzzy Storage Pouch


Newton challenges students to guide falling on-screen objects into a target zone. Students experiment, by drawing shapes or using everyday items, to control the path of descent.

Student Learning
What's included?


Integrates the rules of physics and gravity in the motion of falling balls.


Fosters inventive ideas through open-ended puzzles and escalating challenges.

1 Creative Board
Dry-erase Markers
1 Fuzzy Storage Pouch

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digital Expansion Bundle

No additonal Hardware required!

Level up student's math and literacy skills over 6 digital expansion games. Designed to be compatible with the Words & Numbers Tiles!

Osmo Base + Case

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New Osmo Base + Case

A case and base designed to withstand classroom wear and tear.

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