Grade: Pre K - 2

Little Genius Costume Pieces

Two hands-on games engage preschoolers in core subjects. Open-ended play encourages creativity — and fun Osmo characters build a love for learning!
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Navigate adventures in Stories

Costume Party allows students to experiment with color and clothing to help different characters get ready for a party.

Student Learning
What's included?

Spatial Reasoning

Encourages students to compare, manipulate, and place pieces of clothing and accessories to create costumes for characters.

Social-Emotional Skills

Watching the facial expressions and listening to characters’ tones of surprise or satisfaction help guide students to find the appropriate costume pieces for the characters.

Critical Thinking

Find solutions to obstacles and navigate adventures with the different costume pieces.


Students can choose their own solutions using the many costume pieces to address the obstacles the characters come across throughout the game.

19 Costume Pieces

1 Stackable storage

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