Grade: 1 - 2

Math Wizard Adventure Series

Add more Math Wizard quests to your collection! Select up to five games to create your bundle.
The Secrets of the Dragons
The Magical Workshop
The Enchanted World Games
The Amazing Airships
The Fantastic Food Truck

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Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck

Join Chef Reina and her assistant Betty to start their own food truck business! Improve students’ proficiency in geometry while having fun! The learning system gives students the opportunity to create ingredients with geometric shapes and prepare orders for hungry customers.

Student Learning
What's included?

-Composing 2D shapes

-Identifying the properties of 2D shapes

-Partitioning shapes into equal shares

-Spatial reasoning

1 playmat
1 food truck manual
34 geometric tiles
1 storage container
Osmo Base not included.

Math Wizard & the Enchanted World Games

Students can become a multiplication all-star with Enchanted World Games! Race to create power smoothies.

Student Learning
What's included?

-Repeated addition as a foundation of multiplication

-Advanced addition and subtraction

-Number decomposition

-Analytical skills

22 Fruit & Veggie Pieces
1 Juice Mat
12 Fruit Strips
1 Lunchbox Mat
1 Magical Token.
Osmo Base not included.

Math Wizard & the Amazing Airships

Build your student’s Math Wizard skills with Amazing Airships! Join Rupert the robot mouse in building and designing airships for the many islands of Spellbarrow Port!

Student Learning
What's included?

-Building and balancing equations

-Addition and subtraction practice

-Solving for an unknown value

-Introduction to algebraic thinking

1 Magical Board
16 Ship Pieces
12 Balloon Pieces
16 Cargo Pieces
Osmo Base not included.

Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons

Learn measurement at your own pace in a world filled with rare dragons. Explore the Dragon Reserve to complete your Dragon Guidebook. Measure and care for your dragons and watch them grow!

Student Learning
What's included?

-How to use non-standard units to measure

-How to use ruler to measure

-Estimating length

-Adding lengths

1 Dragon Guide Book
2 rulers
62 food tokens
Osmo Base not included.

Math Wizard & the Magical Workshop

Brew potions with dragon claws and magic sparkles to master place value on a magical quest. Then, add and subtract balloons to help dragons fly!

Student Learning
What's included?

-Addition and subtraction up to 120

-Counting and place value

-Comparing numbers

1 mixing mat
2 sticker sheets
1 spell book
28 couting cubes
6 counting rods
Osmo Base not included.

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