Grade: Pre K - 3

Osmo Monster

Osmo Creative Board, 4 dry-erase markers, fuzzy eraser storage pouch for Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece. Osmo Base not included.
  • Add a Osmo Base(Optional)

    Your need an Osmo base to start learning with Osmo Monster. Add an Osmo base if you do not already have one

$49.00 USD

Multiple Activities, Endless Creativity

Monster brings drawings to life. Students help Mo, a furry orange friend, by drawing his world and sharing an adventure with him.

Student Learning
What's included?

English as a Second Language

Cements understanding of new vocabulary and comprehension through interactive activities with Mo.

Listening Skills

Pulls students into a story in which Mo asks them to contribute specific drawings.

1 Creative Board

Dry-erase Markers

1 Fuzzy Storage Pouch

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digital Expansion Bundle

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Osmo Base + Case

You asked.
We delivered.

New Osmo Base + Case

A case and base designed to withstand classroom wear and tear.

Osmo Funding Support

More than 9,000 projects for Osmo have been funded through federal and state programs.

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