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This Early Learning School Edition is specifically designed with our earliest learners in mind. This edition is ideal for PreK-2 classrooms. maker spaces, summer school, before and after school programs & media centers. Backed by research and early childhood educators around the world, the innovative technology of Osmo combined with traditional hands-on manipulatives will allow our students to use their hands while learning the fundamentals of letters, phonics, shapes, SEL, and more. This particular edition is designed to outfit multiple early learning classrooms within your school.

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Osmo Bases


Sets Each


Teach. Guides

Included Sets

24 sets of PLASTIC Tangram, Monster with Creative Board, Detective Agency, Little Genius Sticks & Rings, and Little Genius Costume Pieces; includes Masterpiece and Newton, plus 5 NEW Osmo Teacher's Guides and 100 Osmo Bases



Monster brings drawings to life. Students help Mo, a furry orange friend, by drawing his world and sharing an adventure with him.

English as a Second Language

Cements understanding of new vocabulary and comprehension through interactive activities with Mo.

Listening Skills

Pulls students into a story in which Mo asks them to contribute specific drawings.



Masterpiece transforms any image into simple outlines. This interactive tool helps students create drawings with perfect proportions.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Students improve their dexterity while recreating their favorite images.


Develops individuality through choices in art creations.

Costume Party


Costume Party allows students to experiment with color and clothing to help different characters get ready for a party.

Spatial Reasoning

Encourages students to compare, manipulate, and place pieces of clothing and accessories to create costumes for characters.

Social-Emotional Skills

Watching the facial expressions and listening to characters' tones of surprise or satisfaction help guide students to find the appropriate costume pieces for the characters.

Detective Agency


Detective Agency brings pretend play and education together while developing critical thinking skills. Clues are cleverly laid out and must be untangled to solve problems and mysteries around the world.

Social Studies

Introduces culture, history, and geography throughout the world.

Critical Thinking

Practice attention to detail, build on problem solving skills and follow sets of instructions to solve mysteries.



Newton challenges students to guide falling on-screen objects into a target zone. Students experiment, by drawing shapes or using everyday items, to control the path of descent.


Integrates the rules of physics and gravity in the motion of falling balls.


Fosters inventive ideas through open-ended puzzles and escalating challenges.



Tangram invites students to use tangible puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes. With each success, the screen lights up in celebration.

Spatial Reasoning

Encourages students to compare, manipulate, and transform geometric pieces to assemble the shapes.


Provides instant visual and auditory feedback during gameplay.



Osmo's ABCs is an interactive and kinesthetic approach to phonics for early learners. Work with Mo the Monster to form letters and make words with squishy, colorful sticks and rings.


Playful practice for pre-readers, over 300 words are introduced to build confidence in letter recognition, vocabulary, construction, and phonics.

Fine Motor Skills

Develop strong fine motor skills by forming letters and shapes with sticks and rings.

Osmo Base + Case

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New Osmo Base + Case

A case and base designed to withstand classroom wear and tear.

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