Little Genius Starter Kit + Teachers Guide

  • iPad
  • Fire

Designed to take students on a hands-on, early learning adventure. They’ll spark their imaginations, learn critical skills such as letter recognition, letter sounds, fine motor control, and more all while having a blast with interactive characters and fun play. Includes FREE Teachers Guide! Four different games to learn and play — engage preschoolers in core subjects and lifelong skills. They will be able to learn pre-reading skills in ABCs, problem-solving skills in Stories, social and emotional skills in Squiggle Magic, and spark creativity with Costume Party.

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Osmo Amazon Fire Tablet Kit

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The Amazon Fire 10" Tablet customized with Osmo Apps!

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Osmo Base + Case

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New Osmo Base + Case

A case and base designed to withstand classroom wear and tear.

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More than 9,000 projects for Osmo have been funded through federal and state programs.

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