Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships

  • Grades 1 - 2
  • iPad
  • Fire

Build your student’s Math Wizard skills with Amazing Airships! Join Rupert the robot mouse in building and designing airships for the many islands of Spellbarrow Port! This learning system not only allows students to further grow their mathematical skills in addition, subtraction but also gives them an introduction to algebraic thinking including building and balancing equations and solving for an unknown value. Part of the Osmo Math Series covering 1st & 2nd-grade math curriculum. Pieces included to play Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships are 1 Magical Board, 16 Ship Pieces, 12 Balloon Pieces, 16 Cargo Pieces. Osmo Base not included.

$59 USD

Osmo Base + Case

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New Osmo Base + Case

A case and base designed to withstand classroom wear and tear.

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