Masterpiece 1024r

Draw a Self-Portrait



3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th


Individual or station. Maximum 1 stduent per iPad at a time.


Osmo base + Masterpiece for Osmo app + iPad 2 or higher + Paper + Drawing utensils


Students draw portraits of themselves using a photograph as a guide.


In this workshop, students will get to experience the process of taking a self-photo and sketch out their own self-portrait.

  1. Each student gets their own iPad.
  2. Assisted by a teacher or classmate, students will start by taking a selfie wih the iPad, making sure it saves to the camera roll.
  3. Demonstrate the process of choosing an image to draw from the camera roll and changing the visible lines. (Students will gather around 1 Osmo and iPad station, or you can use a projector for the demo.)
  4. Students go back to stations to begin tracing their photo and drawing a self-portrait.